On Tour: Tattoo Night.

So last Friday at Blues On Whyte we met a lady named Dixie. Dixie is a friend of my best friend Jim. Dixie owns a Tattoo Shop with a dude named Kris Schule. The Shop is called Zen Custom Tattooing. After some chatting about it, I told Dixie we’d stop in to see what’s what on Monday.

Well Today is Monday. We stopped by the shop this afternoon but the young apprentice we spoke with said they were booked until Wednesday. Of course we had to leave town on Wednesday so that wouldn’t work. After a few moments, Kris, the aforementioned owner came by to say hi. After some chit chat Kris suggested we come back at 10pm and he would stay late and tattoo us.

After a brief foray to the Mall and Hudsons, we hit the internet to gather tattoo ideas. Around 9pm we gathered ourselves to head on over to the shop. All went well. Shawn and I got in for some work, unfortunately for our pal Jim we used up all the time so Jim had to reschedule (as he is from Edmontown and could come back later). Sorry Jim!!!! We’d like to say a big thanks to Kris Schule for working late and squeezing us in. This is a great shop folks. If you are in Edmonton hit ’em up…..
Zen Custom Tattooing.
Email: ink@zencustomtattooing.com
5908 104ST (Calgary Trail)
Edmonton, AB

Here are some pics. Enjoy!

On Tour – Poison Song of The Week II

As indicated in Episode 1, we take requests each week for a classic Poison cover by ole Master Bastard. This week we have guest appearance by Jeem. The Edmonton Compound Manager. After sifting through THOUSANDS of requests this is what we have come up with. Enjoy

On Tour: BBQ at Aunties

On Tour: Down in The Valley

Hi all,

well we made it to the island for a week of fun shows and beautiful sights. We saw Bears, Otters, Whales, Sea Lions, German Tourists, Beautiful resorts, crack house hotels, Mountains, Oceans, Beaches, and amazing sunsets. We were tormented by crows, crazy German locals, Bamford’s AND We got to see our friends get married, sort of. We got lots of video that we’ll be editing down for an episode of Bastard TV over the next few days. In the mean time here are a couple of pics from the trip…

We’re back in the Okanagan now and we’re getting ready to head over to my Auntie Kathryn’s for a bbq. We’re stoked for this as Auntie is a bad ass freestyle Chef. After lunch and a hang we’ll head on up to Salmon Arm for a show. Really looking forward to this as we’ve never played Salmon Arm before. Should be fun. Tomorrow we head west for what I think is the last time. We’re hitting Kamloops for a show presented by 92.5FM The X. We’re super excited and have some expectations as we are currently holding down the Number 1 spot in the blues category on that station. The we very slowly start making our way East with a two week rip through Alberta and a brief stop in Toon town again. Looking forward to it all. We’ll have some downtime in Edmonton during the days so we’ll whip up a few more webisodes for y’all to laugh at. Stay tuned…..


On Tour: Jasper, Prince George, Okanagan

Greetings! It’s a little more challenging blogging while traveling but I’m trying to get better at it. I must apologize though as this one is a biggie. We Had a great run of our 11 back to back shows. In fact we pulled out 15 shows in 16 days and we’re all still in good health and I even still have my voice! Not too shabby!

We had a lot of fun in Jasper at the Downstream as per usual. Wednesday was a great crowd but I felt a little off musically. Thursday was a small crowd but I felt good with the playing portion of it. Funny how that goes sometimes. It was fun to have some beers and catch up with the crew there. Thanks to all for coming out and to the staff for being awesome. Shawn Bastard even had some time to do this….tat3

We awoke to some snow on Friday. Although we came close to the snow line in the mountains we just drove under it. a little rain and thats it! The Bastards did see a bear though. So they say…I was snoozing.

We had a great time in Prince George. Everyone at the venue was super nice. Friday we had a real good crowd that really ate it up. Sometimes we have to pull the punch a little bit depending on where we play and what the crowd is like but we have to give this crowd credit. We rocked hard and even though to look at them you’d never have guessed they would have taken it, they all dug it. Saturday A.M. we went downtown to check out the market and pawnshops. We ran into this lil fellow tied to a street pole….his name is Andy.Saturday night we had a smaller crowd at first but it picked up later on and once again we had a blast rocking Prince George. Big thanks to Garrett and his crew at Nancy O’s. Here is a little video of our Hotel taken post show on Saturday night….prince george

sunday we grabbed a little Breakky at the local Zellers (all day breakky everywhere) and then hit the road. The trip to our Okanagan Villa was filled with all kinds of fun. We saw more Bears, Multiple Rainbows, Deer, Some hilarious signs and then the beautiful sights of our home in BC. Kelowna. Oh yeah. Here are some pics of it all….

well I’m gonna turn it over to myself now to say g’bye…..blog