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“Your material is strong and timeless. You can play your
instruments. The drums are strong. The guitar is hot. The bass is in
the pocket.”

– Jim Dickinson, High Priest of Memphis Music

“Neilsen’s voice has never sounded better…Trust me, you’ll want to hear these tunes.”

– Adam Bowie, The Daily Gleaner

“Above it all though, is Neilsen’s most inspired guitar work. Breaking free from the blues for many of his leads, he’s loud and proud, and sounding more inspired by Neil Young than Muddy Waters.”

– Bob Mersereau, CBC

 “Blues-flavored yet wide ranging, this disc surely represents a breakthrough  for Neilsen- I’ve already listened to it 5 times today, and I’m ready for more.”

-John Kereiff

“Canadian guitarist and singer/songwriter Ross Neilsen has a special way of tapping into his human experience, then catapulting that essence, full of heart and soul, into his music….Elemental, clinging to no specific genre, is a wonderful amalgam of musical styles seamlessly woven together.”

-Phillip Smith, Philly Cheeze Blues

” this passionate blues guitar player has delivered eleven tracks that are dripping in atmosphere and attitude.”

– Stephen Rapid,


Philly Cheeze Blues

Barn Owl Blues (Netherlands)

Lonesome Highway (Dublin)

Musiczine Lavender (France)

B’Man’s Blues Report

The Rock Doctor

100% Rock Magazine