It’s a Wonderful Life.

On the particular day in question, we awoke in Jasper. After a yummy breakfast we stopped at Coco’s for a cup a joe and to drop off a CD before we split town. While there I met a fella who was at our show the previous night. He bought a couple CD’s and gave me his contact info as he does house concerts in Saskatoon from time to time. Would we like to do one? Certainly would!

Mid travel to Kamloops we find a yummy German bakery and stop for espresso and soup n sammies! Great find.

We travel on and arrive in The Loops. We hit Long n McQuade to grab a small P.A. for the nights use. We score a $20 rental! awesome! I check the old interweb for a hotel. We book a Travel Lodge over the phone. Score a $70 room. Sweet. We find the hotel with some effort (the name of the hotel had changed) and I check us in. I meet this really cool guy from behind the counter. A biker sort of fellow. We hit it off right away. He gives me a hand written note that says $50 rooms for our next visit there in the fall. I think that’s pretty sweet. As a sign that I’ve appreciated his efforts to be unusually nice to us we give him a discography and a stack of stickers. He returns THAT gesture by giving us 3 skull caps to rock and tags our van with a Kamloops Harley Davidson Club Sticker. Then as if this wasn’t enough he requests me to come see him in the office. So down I go to see whats up. When I enter he refers to me as “Rossy”. My late Grandmother and Roger Howse are really the only peeps I can recall addressing me as Rossy and I always have a chuckle when someone does. He explains that he knows after a long day of travel and a night of rocking, no one wants to share a bed with his buddy. So he hands me a key to my own room. For Free. My mind is blown by this point. What a guy.

We head to the club. We were lucky enough to discover the Westsyde Pump a few tours back when a local agent/promoter sorta guy, Ray Nyuli, booked us in there. The staff are some of the best around and certainly high on our favorites list. Real sweethearts. The first time we played there they all dressed up in shirts, ties and blues hats. Nice sign. THIS time they all had white tank tops on with our new logo on the front. AWESOME!

they also had fake tattoos on! Here’s a pic of Homer’s neck tattoo….(i hope it washed off for fathers day!)

What a killer bunch. We had a fun time as usual rocking the joint.

This was just one of those days where everything lined up right. We always shake our head with amazement when stuff like this happens. We recognize and appreciate when the world looks after us. As always, we say “Thank you Rock n Roll”.

This is our last “west” show. after tonight we’ll be slowly making our way east. Next week we’re rolling into another fav spot of ours…Blues on Whyte in Edmonton. We always have a blast here and we’ll be celebrating Canada Day weekend here as well so it should be off the hook. Oh yeah, did I mention we’ll be recording a new live album there? Well we are. Why not come be part of it?

I don’t want to get to far ahead of my self but right after the Edmonton week wraps we’ll be pulling our best RocknRoll move yet….We’ll hop a plane to Montreal to rawk the shit out of the Montreal Jazz Fest. We’re playing the Lotto Stage at 9pm and again at 11pm. To say we’re stoked for this would be an understatement. This is gong to be an “everything before and everything after” moment for us. Again, “Thanks Rock n Roll”!!!!

On Tour: Down in The Valley

Hi all,

well we made it to the island for a week of fun shows and beautiful sights. We saw Bears, Otters, Whales, Sea Lions, German Tourists, Beautiful resorts, crack house hotels, Mountains, Oceans, Beaches, and amazing sunsets. We were tormented by crows, crazy German locals, Bamford’s AND We got to see our friends get married, sort of. We got lots of video that we’ll be editing down for an episode of Bastard TV over the next few days. In the mean time here are a couple of pics from the trip…

We’re back in the Okanagan now and we’re getting ready to head over to my Auntie Kathryn’s for a bbq. We’re stoked for this as Auntie is a bad ass freestyle Chef. After lunch and a hang we’ll head on up to Salmon Arm for a show. Really looking forward to this as we’ve never played Salmon Arm before. Should be fun. Tomorrow we head west for what I think is the last time. We’re hitting Kamloops for a show presented by 92.5FM The X. We’re super excited and have some expectations as we are currently holding down the Number 1 spot in the blues category on that station. The we very slowly start making our way East with a two week rip through Alberta and a brief stop in Toon town again. Looking forward to it all. We’ll have some downtime in Edmonton during the days so we’ll whip up a few more webisodes for y’all to laugh at. Stay tuned…..