Redemption Tour Part Deux, Week One

Hey folks,

We’re alive and well in Saskatoon. We survived our first week back on the road nicely too. We got to hang at our Uncle Pat and Aunt D’s for a minute in Trenton. On our down time we stopped into our pal’s studio for a fun visit. Thurday we had a quick in and out with Toronto, which we all agreed we enjoyed a little more than our usual – stay for four or five days. Before we knew it we were headed north for the Lavigne Tavern to make some new friends. Guy and Judy run the joint and are some real nice folk. The Tavern itself is right up our ally. Good Pizza and a real vibrant room to sing in! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we were flattered at their “best band to ever play Lavigne” banter! Can’t wait to return! Here is a funny pic of us rocking out…

We hit the road bright and early Saturday to find our old friend HWY 17 and to make the long drive to Winnipeg with a quick pause in Wawa. We made Wawa after a quick stop at the Voyageur Cookhouse for some home made baked beans (Karl had the Chili). We had a fun , intimate show in Wawa and after a quick Turkey feed we hit the dark road for Winnipeg. It’s a harrowing drive to make at night but it was necessary. Fortunately we only saw one moose. We also got a pretty awesome sunrise out of it too!

We rolled into Winnipeg around noon to make new friends with our host, Ainslie. Much to our surprise, Ainslie was in the process of whipping up a little turkey dinner. Two in less that 24hrs! Spoiled Bastards indeed! Our venue in Winnipeg was awesome. An old theatre transformed into a show room. Real nice folks running it too. After the show we hit up the Times Change(d) club to catch the one and only, Big Dave Maclean. After Dave’s set we got up to rock out a couple tunes. We had Clayton Sample sit in with us. Clayton used to play with The Rockin’ Highliners who I caught a few times at the Harvest Jazz & Blues Fest years back. Even Big Dave sat in on Harp for a tune. Real good times. Here is a pic of Karl Bastard having fun. Yep. This is what it looks like folks….

Now we’re in Saskatoon and are chillin’ at my cousin’s house. Pretty nice to hang with family and have some home cookin’. One show down at Bud’s already. Two more to go though then it’s off to rock the Main Liner Pub in Medicine Hat this weekend, Really looking forward to that!

Some press has started rolling in for this tour too so I tought I’d post a link or two….Here is a nice article from Calgary based BeatRoutes Magazine. Click here. A little mention in our Pal Jim Jones’ Blog Here. Jim is a DJ for Power 97 in The Peg. This has one of my favourite quotes ever in it…have a read and let me know if you think you know what part I’m talking about!

So later this weekend is The Music NB conference in Moncton NB. There will be lots of showcases as well as an award dinner to boot. We’re up for Blues Recording of the year and the voting is open till the end of this week. If you’d like to help us out by voting all you need is an email address and you’re good to go. You can vote HERE and click off Best Blues Recording as well as Fan Choice. There are lots of folks to votes for who have been kicking ass and taking names lately from Sleepy Driver to Andy Brown to Scotty and The Stars and Chris Colepaugh. check it out and take part!

Well that about gets us up to date. I hope to see some of y’all out there! Feel free to tell you’re friends across the country that we’re out here and that we’d love to meet them, and don’t forget to check out our tour dates. More dates are posted all the time!