On Tour: One bleeding set of ears at a time

We just finished two nights at the Early Stage Saloon in Stony Plain just outside Edmonton. The first night was very lean. Second night held a slightly larger crowd for us. Some folks might be discouraged by the small turnout but I viewed the gigs as a win. Both nights the peeps that were there were very good us. They really enjoyed the show and bought cds. To me this goes along with one of our mottos and the title of this entry, “one bleeding set of ears at a time”. Any time we have folks there that are enjoying it and are going to spread the word we take it as a win. Aside from all that the owners, John and Carmen, are top shelf folks. It’s the little things they do that make the difference. From John’s introduction of the band before we go on or their invitations for supper at their home, to taking the time to spell our names right.
It’s obvious that these patrons to the arts care about us. It is those kinds of relationships that we will continue to cultivate. Thanks to the great staff and kind patrons. Good folks. Good times.

We’re off to Jasper and the mountains now where anything can happen and often does.