Song a Week Challenge (week 7) – Written in Stone

Hey folks

Whew! Got er done! by late this afternoon I was starting to think I wouldn’t have time to write and record a tune for today but I managed to pull it out of the hat! This is another blues. I think Clarksdale is still on my skin so you may get a few more blues tunes yet before I move on. This one is called “Written in Stone”. I also wrote the first verse at the shack i rented in Clarksdale. On my last night there. Just like it says. I put a little slap back and distortion on in the “mix” to get it a little grittier. Anyhow, here tis…I hope you dig it. (don’t forget to check out my pal Tom Savage‘s weekly song posts too!)


Song a Week Challenge Week 6(?) – Black Coffee

Hi y’all

so I missed last week. Hey thats how it goes. I WAS is Memphis the week before, after all, so I was sorta distracted : )
I didn’t wanna miss this week though and I thought I was going too but I sat down tonight to hash out and idea that hit me on the porch of the Robert Clay Shack Wednesday Morning last week.

I was having my morning coffee and anyone who knows me knows I’m a coffee snob. There is no excuse to serve or drink poor tasting coffee. Anyway, as I was soaking up the last few hours of Clarksdale I thought of the main idea for this tune. It’s a straight up Blues which is a nice tribute to the area I was in AND I haven’t written a straight up blues for quite some time. So, without any further adieu, This weeks song is called Black Coffee. It’s a straight up John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Morgan Davis rip off. Hope you dig…..

Song a Week Challenge(week four): Need You More

Hey y’all

hello from Carlisle Pennsylvania. I’m taking a little drive break to poach some free Starbucks wi-fi cause it’s Monday and that means I have to post another damn song. So, This update is short and sweet as the road calls…..

This weeks tune in the Song-a-week-challenge is called “Need You More”. I don’t know that I like this one much. I’ve been flip flopping with it. I don’t know that you’ll guess who I was listening to at great length that week but if you can guess i’ll fess up. Dont’ forget to hit up Tom Savage for his tune of the week as well! Next weeks tune will be written in Memphis (i hope!) and posted in Mississippi! Clarksdale to be precise! Rock on!

Need You More by rossneilsen

Song A Week Challenge(week 3): Heart Break Apart

Hey everyone,

Well I won’t lie, I’m starting to feel the pressure of this challenge. It can get VERY daunting in a busy week to clear my head and sit down to try and write. Last week was crazy for me, what with getting ready for my Memphis fundraiser which was Wednesday (Thanks to all who came out to that, what a wonderful time!). Because of the Wednesday show we rehearsed Tuesday which is usually my writing day. So I was tripping to say the least…WHEN WILL I WRITE!!! OH MY GOD MY SCHEDULE IS OFF!!!! I’m slightly (big time) OCD so when my routine is messed up I freak out a bit (a lot). Anyhow I found hanging at the Dolan’s Band house to be just what I needed (cue the CARS tune) and had no trouble getting my work done. I liked this tune so much I brought it to the band Saturday and we started working out an arrangement. I recorded a little more country version Saturday and then we had another go at it yesterday. I like the energy of yesterdays so that’s what I’m posting. I messed up at some point though so I edited together two takes. All you audio geeks can have a listen and see if you can tell me where the edit is.

This song is tentatively titled “Heart Break Apart”. We’ll see if it stays that way. I usually like to beat people to the comparisons (musicians LOVE hearing “you know who you sound like” ; P ) by telling you what I hear but this week I don’t have much…if it reminds me of anything it would be a Widespread Panic kinda groove it think…I hope you dig it….
Heart break Apart by rossneilsen

Don’t forget to head over to Tom Savage’s interweeb house and check his out too!
Yours in RAWK,


Song a week challenge (week two): What Love Has Done

Hey errr’body!

So it’s Monday and that means it’s time to post the second installment of Song of The Week Challenge. This week’s tune is called “What Love Has Done”. It’s much different than last week’s tune. It’s more of a Leon Redbone, Mississippi John Hurt vibe, if you will. I hope you dig it. Don’t worry too much if you don’t hear the references I’m comparing these songs to. It’s all about what YOU hear. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same thing I hear or feel. I mean, it’s only music after all!

I’m loving all the comments too so keep it up with the feedback. Last weeks tune got so much positive feedback I think I’m going to take the song to the band and work it up proper. I’d like to remind you that these tunes are the rough demo’s and skeletons of what they may or may not become. Try to get past the LOW-FI quality and check the tune. I noticed Tom’s been posting lyrics too. If folks want, I can do the same. Just let me know. Your wish is my command!

If you’ve missed it, my pal Tom Savage has posted his song of the week as well. Dig it right HERE.

Here’s this weeks tune, (only 50 more to go!!!)
What love has done by rossneilsen