Day Eight: Bocce, Bays, Bikes & BBQ

Typically for us, the drive up around Lake Superior is a giant, long grueling pain in the ass. Our relationship is bittersweet. The Lakes and sunsets are so amazing but it goes on forever….. I’m happy to say that after five previous treks cross country for rocknroll we may have finally figured out how to deal with HWY 17. This time we took the “slow and steady” approach. We gigged every day at little spots here and there. Sometimes only in exchange for food and lodging.

Tuesday we stopped at Thunder Bay to rawk the Apollo. T-Bay is always a tough on us. We’ve certainly had fun shows there but its a struggle to get folks out, especially early in the week. We always enjoy catching up with our hosts though and this time was no exception. We had our “regulars” there and a few extra. When we first landed in front of the club I was in the van chatting with Shawn about merch and in front of the van was a dude on a bike. I thought, “hmmm, that guy looks like our pal Ray from Edmonton”. sure enough the helmet comes off and IT IS Ray!
He went for a cruise on his bike and ended up in T-Bay for our show to surprise us! WOW! Surprised we were. Great to see him and catch up a bit. We’ll see more of Ray when we’re in Alberta!

Wednesday we drove to Wabigoon, a little piece of the highway near Dryden.

What a time this was. I found this gig through our pal Doc Maclean, when we dropped Doc’s backdrop off there last fall. Man! Great little spot with super nice folks there. Sold a load of merch and got fed and a place to sleep too! The venue is Pappy’s Cafe. It’s a tiny little room covered with posters from past perfomers.

Many of which we pals of ours. We played two sets to a very appreciative crowd and had a BALL!!! Attached to the cafe is the store. It had everything you’d expect from a country store with lots of supplies and such. I was cruising around the store when I saw something that caught my eye. I knew I must have one (two?). Boobie Buddy.

Yep. I know. Awesome. A headrest that attaches to your vehicle headrest and is shaped like a pair of boobs so you’re always getting a booby hug!

Amazing right?!!?! So I mention on set break that I was gonna get one and then at the end of the night some dude comes up and says “I got you something” and hands me a boobie buddy! WOW. What a week for fan kindness. Ray drove from Edmonton to see us and this stranger gives me the kindest, most thoughtful, gift. We’re truly grateful to these people.

Today (Thursday) we drove the short trek to Kenora from Wabigoon. Nice day too. Stopped in Vermillion Bay to have some lunch at Busters BBQ.

These folks smoke their own meat and have award winning blueberry BBQ sauce. We all had a beef brisket sammich and let me tell you, it kicked ass!

Karl Bastard bought some spices and sauce to try later. What a find. So sad we drove by it 10 times before getting to stop in. Looking forward to the drive home now!!!!

We’re just in our new, sketchy hotel in Kenora.

Apparently there may or may not have been a murder here. Oh well. It’s right by the water and it’s quite nice…outside….

We’re finally leaving Ontario in the AM(Friday). A show at The Standard in Winnipeg Friday night. Headed to Regina for a show at the Gaslight Saloon Saturday. After that it’s a few days off before our Saskatoon shows at Bud’s.

Hope to see y’all out there somewhere.