Ross Neilsen Therapy Hour Episode Five: Sean Burns

Here is the latest episode of Therapy Hour. This month I sit with Winnipeg  singer/songwriter, Sean Burns. We are old pals so it doesn’t take us long to get right into the heart of it all. We have real talk about the music biz and our places in it and it’s place in our lives. Enjoy!

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Therapy Hour Episode Four: JJ Grey

Last September during Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in Fredericton NB, 95.7 The Wolf held an in studio series where they interviewed performing artists. One artist scheduled was JJ Grey
. I asked the station manager if they would allow me to interview him. They agreed and I had a rare opportunity to sit with one of my favourite singer/songwriters and front men and discuss music and life. We dug deep and found a fantastic conversation that touches on live performance, songwriting and what it means to connect. This was previously broadcast on the Wolf and I have edited it here for podcast versions. Enjoy. LISTEN



Ross Neilsen Therapy Hour Ep. Three: Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar

Check it out, episode three. This instalment I have a sit down with non other than Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar/Grady fame. We chatted about the Toronto scene he came up in, Songwriting, studio work and more. Always elusive, Gordie was generous with his time. I really enjoyed our chat and only wished I had more time to get through all my questions. This week’s episode features the songs, “Universal Vampire” from Calling All The Youth as well as “Wild Ox Moan” from 500 lbs.

Listen to the podcast HERE. Enjoy!

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Ross Neilsen Therapy Hour Episode Two: John C.Stubblefield

IMG_0037RossNeilsen_TherapyHour_Podcast_Feb2016Welcome to episode number two of my podcast, The Ross Neilsen Therapy Hour. This episode I find myself in conversation with John C. Stubblefield. John plays bass in Memphis band, Lucero. One of my fav bands. I caught a couple shows at Lee’s Palace last fall and managed to reconnect with John for a quick chat. We run the gamut of music, life and beyond. Please enjoy and pass it along.

Listen to the podcast HERE

Ross Neilsen Therapy Hour Podcast Ep. One: Raoul Bhaneja

rn_podcastBOOM! My podcast is live. This is the first episode in what I hope will be many. Seeking enlightenment via conversation is what this is all about. Inside the minds of humans. What makes us tick? Where does the darkness lurk? How do we cope? How do we transcend? Seeking happiness through connection is what I strive to make these conversations about. Please enjoy and share these amongst the humans you know!

Ross Neilsen Therapy Hour Ep One- Raoul Bhaneja

Here’s Raoul and myself in Stoon last fall shortly after our interview.