“When My Trouble’s Gone” from the album RESURRECTION

Hello everybody,

so Tuesday is now your favourite day for the next ten weeks. We’ll release a track a week on youtube leading up to the release of our new record RESURRECTION this May. Below the song is a video documenting the creation or RESURRECTION. This song was written by Shawn Worden, James Sullivan and Ross Neilsen.
Feel free to share. RESURRESCTION is coming!!!
“When My Trouble’s Gone”

The Creation of RESURRECTION:

New Album Update!

Hi folks,

Well the time has come to release some info on our recording plans for 2013. This January we are traveling to Maurice, Louisiana to record our new record with one of my favourite artists, Anders Osborne. The studio we are going to is called Dockside Studios, and is out of this world. Their client list contains some of my heroes and I’m very excited to add Ross Neilsen Band to that list.

We feel that the location and choice of producer are going to help us create the greatest album we’ve made to date. As with REDEMPTION, we feel the journey to a strange and mysterious place only helps bolster the creative process. The studio is a favourite of Anders’ and since he is producing we wanted a place where we’d all be comfortable. Dockside is certainly going to be that place. Their motto is “move in, make records”. We’ll hole up for 8 days to create our masterpiece.

Needless to say this process won’t be cheap. We have been fortunate to receive a grant from the MID program in New Brunswick but that’s only going to cover a third of the expense. We’ve teamed up with www,pledgemusic.com to help us raise the funds. When you visit our campaign page you’ll see that there are things titled “exclusives” on the right and side of the page. These are packages we’ve designed for you, our fans, to purchase (if you wish) to help us fund the album. There are many to choose from ranging from a $10 download of the album before it’s release to house concerts, dinner parties, guitar/drum/upright bass lessons etc. Something for everyone. Once you choose your pledge and enter your information you’ll also be available to view video updates and more that only pledgers (people who buy) can see as the campaign goes on. Your credit card will only be charged if we are successful in reaching our financial target goal. After we reach our target any monies raised will involve a donation on our end to The Randy Cable Fund. This fund is set up to help cancer patients who need money to travel or get medicine that is out of their financial reach. A great cause that is near to my heart since the fund is named for my former band mate and great friend Randy.

I know we always ask a lot of our fans for support and we’re beyond grateful that you’re always there for us. I thank you so much for your consideration in helping us make this incredible opportunity a reality and help us make our new album. I’m very excited for everyone to hear the new material. Some of the tunes may even surprise you. We’re forgetting borders and genres this time and going in to make the best record we can. Can’t wait for you to hear it. Here is a video with a little detail about it. so go on over HERE and check out the exclusives that appeal to you! Thanks and big love,