Song a Week Challenge(week 8): Juanita (Blood for Blood)

Hey y’all

Man this challenge is hard to do on the road. Shit! I drove from NB to Toronto arriving late afternoon. Checked into my hotel, checked my messages and then wrote and recorded this tune. It is by far the fastest and sloppiest I’ve posted a tune from zero to website. So, that down side is, I didn’t spend much time on takes. This was the 3rd i think. I don’t feel comfortable belting it our full volume in my hotel room so I just committed. I’d like to re-record this one at some point and give er a proper go. Anyhow, this one is inspired by my new guitar I got. It’s a mustard yellow 61 re-issue Epiphone SG. It has P-90 pick ups which i typically hate but these sound ok. It was cheap! I wanted something I wouldn’t cry over if it got ruined in Mexico (i leave in the am). It is such a nasty colour that I named her Ugly Juanita after a bar in Memphis. Once I got in the hotel room here I started thinking about my trip and then “pop”, out came this tune and what do you know, the woman’s name is Juanita. I don’t know what will happen next week as I’ll be in Mexico. I’ll try and find a way to get something up on here. Worst case scenario I post it when I get home mid week before I start my solo tour dates here in Ontario….Here tis, Hope you dig.