Walking In Memphis

Hi folks,

Well I had I fun time in St Andrews this past weekend With Karl Gans on the tubbs. We power duoed the shit out of The Red Herring. It was a strange adjustment but fun as hell and I’m glad we were in St Andrews to do it. It was nice to chill a bit and try and shake off the events of last week.

Saturday marked my last gig of 2011. I don’t have anything on the stage until January when I start doing Solo Sundays at The Thirsty Boot lounge at Crabbe Mountain. Looking forward to these shows. I’m stoked to get back to the solo show but also to take these four gigs and woodshed for my trip to Memphis and The International Blues Challenge. I leave on January 29th for a long drive to Tennessee. The International Blues Challenge, if you don’t know, is the biggest gathering of “bluesers” out there. They arrive from around the world to strut their stuff and I’m very excited and proud to be heading down there to represent New Brunswick and The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. I’m really looking forward to seeing old friends in Memphis and Mississippi and maybe doing a recording session or two afterwards.

Of course it is not a cheap trip to Memphis. Thats around 3000kms one way plus four or five nights in a hotel while there. So to help raise some $$$ Harvest and I are having a fundraiser at Dolan’s pub in downtown Fredericton. This will be the first show in their annual winter blues series. Great winter line up this year too! Sue Foley/Peter Karp, Moreland & Arbuckle (who we opened for a few festivals back) are all coming back!

Wednesday, January 18th, I’ll do two solo sets at Dolan’s starting around 7.30pm -ish. I am asking all my friends, fans and family to come out to show your support and to bring your friends and family. It’s a little intimidating being on the stage solo again, especially since the demise of the Bastards, so I’d love for folks to share this note, help spread the word about the fundraiser and stop into the pub and have a cold one with me and share a word of encouragement or two. I believe tickets are $10 bucks or suggested donation of $10 bucks. If there are folks elsewhere who want to help with travel by all means contact me and we can shoot you a physical mailing addy or you can email donations online to rossneilsen@gmail.com

As always I am grateful for your support and love. It means everything to me. As I head out into 2012, everything is brand new and I feel like I’m starting all over again. I know it’ll be tough but I also know that I’m up for whatever challenges lie ahead. I have a wonderful support system and I can’t wait to get a new record out to you all in 2012. Bigger, Better and Badder than ever. Have a great, safe holiday season. My very best to you and yours at this time of year.

Peace and Love, Yours in Rawk,