Rawk The Apocalypse!

Hey all!

Just sitting inside at my computer. I had been out enjoying the fresh air but then something happened in the sky and I started to feel warm and stuff. Fearing the world really was going to end this, as you may or may not have heard in an interview on CBC earlier this week, I ran for cover!!! Now I see my landlord out there doing some gardening so I feel I may have jumped the gun and perhaps it IS just this mysterious thing called “the sun”.

So now I’m being held hostage inside by a Tom Petty DVD and Propeller Pilsner. So, I ‘m making the most of my crisis by throwing down a little blogamabob. Yeah that’s an official blogger term. I may or may not have just made it up. I’m also listening in the background to the Jon Stewart/Bill O’Reilly interview. If you haven’t seen it please watch. Jon Stewart for President please. Just Sayin’!

Ok, to the point!!! There’s some RAWKING going on this weekend in NB. These are our last two shows in NB until late August as we leave next week for our national tour……so….. we hope some peeps come out to say hi!

FIRST SHOW: Friday May 20th in Sussex, NB 10pm-ish. We’ll be rocking the new Mason Jar location on 60 Maple Ave. It’s bigger and better and we can’t wait to rock it! Just to make it even more awesome we’ve added our pal Jamie Junger from the south shore of NS to open the show. Jamie writes great songs and is a fun dude that hang with so make sure you’re there early to check him out!

SECOND SHOW: Well if CBC is right and Saturday May 21st is the apocalypse, we’ll be going out in style at The Shiretown Publican in Hampton NB. Show is 10pm. Great new pub so come on in for food and then stay for RAWK! Should be a great time. My brother will be home for a hang too so that could always lead to trouble/fun.

So there you have it…our weekend plans for RAWK. You can expect another blog post early next week all about our sixth National tour which kicks off next week in Quebec City. Check the tour dates on this site to see if we’re coming close. This kicks off our summer and we’ll be busy rocking right until the end of the year so c’mon out and shake em on down with us. We’ve missed you!!

In closing I’d like to send a tip of the hat out to the late great Johnny Guitar Watson who passed away 15 years ago yesterday. If you don’t know JGW, let me tell you that he was the pioneer for rap a brilliant front man and a superb musician. He was THE original gangster of love that Steve Miller immortalized. He died onstage, mid show and with his last dying breath, quoted his own song sayin’ “ain’t that a bitch”. Do youself a favour and hop on youtube to check him out.