There is a place in Peterborough…

Last summer while playing The Alibi in Charlottetown I met a fella named Rob. Rob was from Peterborough. He was in town visiting family and came to the club to check us out. We had a good conversation. Rob mentioned he hosts house concerts and that maybe we could work something out one day. Fast forward six months later. I was on a solo trip up to Toronto for a conference I managed to squeeze in a few shows to help pay for the trip. The last show of that brief solo trip was at The Gilmour St. Music Hall.

The people who own the joint are the kind of people who make you feel good just standing next to them. Their room is awesome. It’s what would be a sort of living room but it has a stage, piano, PA system and the best part, tiered seating. I got there early and had a wonderful buttered chicken dinner that would have had Karl Bastard drooling all over hi’self! A great band led by Nathan Foulon opened up and then it was my turn. a capacity crowd at Gilmour St is very near 30 peeps i’d say. What a bunch they were. They made me feel so good! Very kind and generous. I sold a bunch of discs and gave out a lot of hugs! BELIEVE IT! An amazing show and night. I definitely made some friends that I’ll know for a very, VERY long time!

Incredible joint. Anyway. Today they sent me some video they had posted on their youtube page. Check their page out HERE. Below you’ll find the video’s for your viewing pleasure (unless yer reading this on Facebook, in which case you must visit I hope you dig. They certainly put a smile on my face remembering the warm, fun time I had in their home. Can’t wait to go back!