That time I interviewed JJ Grey…

September 16th. harvest jazz & blues 2015. I had an interview that afternoon  at 95.7FM The Wolf. I knew they had JJ Grey booked for the next day. I chatted with Conrad, the station manager, after my  interview about what he would talk to JJ about. In my mind I secretly/selfishly thought that they should let ME interview JJ. That night while watching JJ Grey and Mofro at the Blues Tent i was inspired to send Carter from Vagrant Web Designs, producer of the Wolf Harvest Series, an email suggesting they let me interview JJ. In a world class display of humbleness, Conrad agreed.

The next day I arrived at the station to find JJ warming up with some solo tunes.  After confessing  my nervousness about not having done anything like that before we had a little conversation, beer and laughs. Once we went live I kind of blacked out so it was great to listen back to the interview. To me, I sort of sound like Chris Farley in all those SNL sketches. Pretty funny. All in all it was a real thrill and to chat with JJ not to mention the two tunes he played. Fantastic.

Every year at harvest something crazy happens and this really takes the cake for me. Merci to harvest for bringing JJ back to Fredericton and to Conrad and Carter for allowing me the opportunity to conduct the interview. Enjoy.
here’s the YouTube:

and here’s a straight up ears…non visual …  The JJ Grey interview