Killer Tunes Episode Twenty: 04-16-16

People of the internet…rejoice! it’s episode twenty featuring a slow good bye from the likes of: Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Paul Roddick, Steve Earle and more! Enjoy here or over at 95.7 The Wolf FM They’re good people!

Killer Tunes 04-16-16 GoodbyeMP3


Killer Tunes Episode Nineteen 04-09-16

Folks! Enjoy episode nineteen featuring the music of Jimmy Witherspoon, CSNY, Vaughan Brothers, His Bobness, Sonny Boy and more!


Killer Tunes 04-09-16 MP3


Killer Tunes Episode Eighteen: 04-02-16

Killer Tunes – The April Fools edition! Tunage from The Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow, Gregg Allman, Jay Smith, Chris Kirby, Justin Townes Earle and more! Dig it!

Killer Tunes 04-02-16 april fools MP3 Website



Killer Tunes Episode Sixteen: 03-19-16

Ladies and gents, step right up and jam this in your earholes. Episode sixteen recently aired on 95.7 The Wolf FM. Some Killer Tunes from The Fabulous T-birds, Tragically Hip, 54-40, Amy Winehouse, Otis Redding and more.

Do it!   Killer Tunes 03-19-16 website mp3


Killer Tunes Episode Twelve 02/20/16

In case you missed it on The Wolf , here is your latest killer tunes featuring music from LoudLove, Matt Mays, Grady, Alice in Chains, Millrun and more! Watch out, it’s a rocker…

Episode 02-20-16 mp3 webversion