Killer Tunes Episode 37: 08-13-16

This weeks show is all about the crescent city. New Orleans. One of my favourite places on the earth! Not necessarily music FROM NOLA, although there is some, but music about that fair city. Musical guests include Steve Earle, JJ Cale, Deep Dark Woods, Johnny Samson, Dire Straits and more…


My Musical Autobiography Part 1

I’ve seen the movie High Fidelity a bajillion times. I love it. I can relate to it in every way. I am each of the characters in that movie. A lifetime of music obsession has made me into those characters. So when my friend, Tim Rayne, asked me to come co-host his morning show “Instant Breakfast” on CHSR FM, I jumped at the chance. Every Monday he does something called Vinyl Mondays where he invites a guest in to spin their autobiography via vinyl. It was very difficult to whittle my selections down for one hour. Tim and I could easily have talked for three hours. I just simply couldn’t play it all. I decided to skip that standards of my musical DNA…Led Zeppelin, SRV, Guns N Roses, The grateful Dead, Neil Young, Pink Floyd…I opted not to go with them and instead go with some other pivotal moments that helped shape my life.  Music that simply went deeper than…”The first time I heard Zeppelin, man”. Hell, I didn’t even like Zeppelin the first time I heard it. Hendrix too! Of course I grew to LOVE these artists but still, there were albums in my collection that tell the story of who I actually am, and I wanted to give listeners a little more depth. So, here it is, if you’re interested, my musical autobiography part one.

Ten Years After

Ten years. That’s a long time. When i was a kid time crawled by. I remember my Dad saying that when I got older i’ll wish time didn’t go by so quickly. He was right. Ten years ago seems like yesterday. Ten years ago, so much was different. I was 30. My Dad was alive. One of my best friend’s, Randy Cable, was still alive; although our band, Naked Days, had gone on hiatus due to his battle with cancer. As a result of the hiatus, I had started doing solo blues shows. My attempt at emulating my hero, the great Morgan Davis.

2005 post show, with Alvin Hart

At some point early in 2005 I got wind that Alvin Youngblood Hart would be performing at the James Joyce Pub (was that it’s name back then?) for the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival mid winter show. I was very excited. I had discovered Alvin’s music in the late 90’s when I worked at a CD store in Kelowna. I loved that he played the delta/trad blues so well but also rocked right out whenever he felt like it. I still love that about him. I’m not sure how it happened but after I got wind of the gig, I made an effort to secure the opening slot. Somehow, I tricked Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival agreeing. I recall the show well. I Even recall many of the tunes i played. I was awful back then. So green. I could barely sing! After my set and before Alvin came on, i met a woman named Mary-Anne Pollack. Mary-Anne told me about something called the Galaxie Rising star contest that Harvest held each year. She encouraged me to enter. So I did just that. I also entered the Galaxie contest at the Saint John blues festival (i don’t recall the name of the festival then).