Ten Years After

Ten years. That’s a long time. When i was a kid time crawled by. I remember my Dad saying that when I got older i’ll wish time didn’t go by so quickly. He was right. Ten years ago seems like yesterday. Ten years ago, so much was different. I was 30. My Dad was alive. One of my best friend’s, Randy Cable, was still alive; although our band, Naked Days, had gone on hiatus due to his battle with cancer. As a result of the hiatus, I had started doing solo blues shows. My attempt at emulating my hero, the great Morgan Davis.

2005 post show, with Alvin Hart

At some point early in 2005 I got wind that Alvin Youngblood Hart would be performing at the James Joyce Pub (was that it’s name back then?) for the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival mid winter show. I was very excited. I had discovered Alvin’s music in the late 90’s when I worked at a CD store in Kelowna. I loved that he played the delta/trad blues so well but also rocked right out whenever he felt like it. I still love that about him. I’m not sure how it happened but after I got wind of the gig, I made an effort to secure the opening slot. Somehow, I tricked Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival agreeing. I recall the show well. I Even recall many of the tunes i played. I was awful back then. So green. I could barely sing! After my set and before Alvin came on, i met a woman named Mary-Anne Pollack. Mary-Anne told me about something called the Galaxie Rising star contest that Harvest held each year. She encouraged me to enter. So I did just that. I also entered the Galaxie contest at the Saint John blues festival (i don’t recall the name of the festival then).