Day Five

Hey all,

we’re in Batchawana Bay which is about 40 minutes north on HWY 17. We’re five days into our tour and all is well We got away early Thursday AM to make our tour kick off in Quebec City. We played the Casbah and it was awesome! Great venue, nice people. We even had a look see at who was coming in the summer and look who we found….

Friday we trekked along to Ottawa for our show at the Rainbow.
It was maybe the best crowd we’ve played to there. We got to hang with our pal John Crowely as well. Thanks to Mr. Crowely for putting us up and the late night BBQ! Saturday found us back in Lavigne at the Lavigne Tavern. Guy and Judy have become great friends and we always enjoy playing there, not to mention the Pizza is the best and the pie and cake, well I don’t want to say too much cause then everyone will know, but some of the staff there are awesome bakers and we love the goodies!

Last night we played in Batchawana Bay

at the Voyageurs Lodge and Cookhouse. We discovered this joint a few tours back and like to stop for the amazing home cooking and Best Baked Beans in Canada!

This time we decided to do a little show as well and had a real blast playing for the locals. The folks who run the place are so nice and treated us like gold. It was a great time and I know we’ll be back here for sure in the future!!!

Today after breakfast we had a rousing match of Bocce.

Karl Bastard took home the trophy today but it IS early in the season so it’s still anyones championship. There will be more details on this championship in the coming days. All I can say is…shine up those balls folks….the challenge is on….Stay tuned for the official bocci challenge video…

Well, we’re off to Wawa now to play the local high school theatre tonight. I’ll try to keep the updates regular but up here in northern Ontario web service is here and there so be patient! Stay tuned,


There is a place in Peterborough…

Last summer while playing The Alibi in Charlottetown I met a fella named Rob. Rob was from Peterborough. He was in town visiting family and came to the club to check us out. We had a good conversation. Rob mentioned he hosts house concerts and that maybe we could work something out one day. Fast forward six months later. I was on a solo trip up to Toronto for a conference I managed to squeeze in a few shows to help pay for the trip. The last show of that brief solo trip was at The Gilmour St. Music Hall.

The people who own the joint are the kind of people who make you feel good just standing next to them. Their room is awesome. It’s what would be a sort of living room but it has a stage, piano, PA system and the best part, tiered seating. I got there early and had a wonderful buttered chicken dinner that would have had Karl Bastard drooling all over hi’self! A great band led by Nathan Foulon opened up and then it was my turn. a capacity crowd at Gilmour St is very near 30 peeps i’d say. What a bunch they were. They made me feel so good! Very kind and generous. I sold a bunch of discs and gave out a lot of hugs! BELIEVE IT! An amazing show and night. I definitely made some friends that I’ll know for a very, VERY long time!

Incredible joint. Anyway. Today they sent me some video they had posted on their youtube page. Check their page out HERE. Below you’ll find the video’s for your viewing pleasure (unless yer reading this on Facebook, in which case you must visit I hope you dig. They certainly put a smile on my face remembering the warm, fun time I had in their home. Can’t wait to go back!

The (1st) Death of Cherry Cherry

Ok, some folks have been wondering ….. Why the hell does Ross Neilsen need a new damn guitar…doesn’t he have like a million….

Well, no, not a million. I have a couple that I use regularly. First off, and most talked about, is the ol hubcap. She’s a 2003 (i think) National Resolectric. I keep her tuned to open G flat exclusively. She’s mean an nasty like most women in my life. (kidding!) but she is, she’s a dirty, dirty girl. check her….

My other Slide axe is “Dido” named for my late great friend and former bandmate, Randy Cable. Randy was kind enough to leave Dido with me after he checked into the great gig in the sky. Thanks pal! Dido is always tuned to open D flat. Once in a while she slips into standard if I bust up Sherry at a gig. Anyway here’s Dido….

Now this brings us to Cherry Sherry. I bought her from a great friend for a measly $400 and she quickly moved up the ranks passing my Clapton strat and Gibson Nighthawk (i’ve since sold both of those cause I never played them anymore) and eventually securing the #1 spot in my arsenal. She has been on all my records and is ALWAYS there for me regardless of how piss poor I’ve treated her. I’ve broken her neck twice and in other times it hasn’t been unheard of for her to end up stringless, bridge-less and nut-less at the end of the night. Here is a video of Sherry meeting her first broken neck. Usually I would edit this so you don’t have to watch and listen to the whole thing as the audio is bad…BUT, for some reason my Mac doesn’t like the file and won’t edit it. Sorry. So it really gets going about the two minute mark…..feel free to skip ahead. Maybe it was the snakeskin boots, maybe it was the mustache, maybe it was the “super fan” in the front row ( . )( . ) that was losing her shit ( it should be noted that super fan’s “man” has since turned up at other gigs further west, with different women each time. Nice) either way something happened during this version of Cortez the Killer that sent me into a state of mind not know for it’s reason. During this period I lost it and went ape shit on Sherry. I rocked, I rolled, kicked, smashed and crashed her. She took it ALL. I didn’t even notice until the next day that she had a life threatening injury. What a trooper. Anyway I think the actual debilitating blow happens at 3.25 in the video but sadly i didnt stop there….again poor audio but thats not why we’re watching is it…and don’t forget all you folks who only watch this on facebook….you gotta go to to get the video. (Someone tell me why that is?)

Yes, I play hard. She takes it. What more can you ask for? Like all good things, though, she must come to an end. There are two options for Sherry.

1. To be played to death in a live show where she meets her maker – think of a viking death.
2. Retire her to the studio life. (imaging a ‘snowbirds’ sort of life for guitar) Climate controlled rooms, safe environment and continues to be heard on my recordings.

Option 2 is my preference. To do this, I need a replacement. This is why, folks, I have been at y’all to give me your vote in the Taylor test Drive Electric 2010 Contest. Good, New guitars are not cheap. To replace Sherry would be around $2000 give or take. So, instead I’ve entered this contest knowing all along that our fans rule and will burn the competition down with votes thus winning a quality new guitar for me to ruin over the next ten years.

First a big thanks to everyone who has voted and been posting it everywhere. You’re awesome. Now, I know there are some folks who don’t think their votes make a difference. Believe me when I say folks, they truly do. As a matter of fact we’ve held the number two spot in the contest pretty much the whole time….and Mr. Skylar has held the number one spot pretty much the whole time. you know what, I’m gonna take off my humble hat for just a sec….I’m TIRED of number two. I want to be number One in this contest for just a minute. Is that so wrong? I want Skyler to feel number Two for a second. Is that wrong? I mean Skylar DOESN’T EVEN HAVE AN ELECTRIC GUITAR IN THE FREAKIN’ SONG!

So there it is….with only SIX days left to vote I am challenging our Bastard Minions and their friends to push it. Get on your computer and Vote. I guarantee you’ll make a difference.

So i challenge you, post the event on your FB page, tweet to your peeps, tell the WORLD!!!! Lets do it. Lets finish this thang in the Number freaking 1 spot. I KNOW we can do it!!! Lets show the continent what lil ole NB can do!!! Hell, Andy Brown ALREADY WON the Acoustic contest! Might as well keep it going on wha? Worst case scenario you KEEP me at number two (#2 is easier anyway. way less pressure than #1, or so i hear…).

Anyway, all kidding aside, y’all have been great. Keep rocking that shit and lets take number one over this weekend!!


And stop by the site and leave a comment say hello, tell me off, whatever just say somethin’!

CKUA Interview with Holger Petersen

It was pretty cool for me to finally get a chance to chat with Holger. I’ve listened to him for a long time so to be on the other end of the program was a little surreal. We had a great chat. We spoke at great length about the recording of Redemption as well as the life and times of the great Jim Dickinson and his amazing family. Interview is broken into two parts. I hope you enjoy listening.
01 Holger Interview Track 01

And here is Part two:
02 Holger interviewTrack 02

On Tour – Poison Song of The Week II

As indicated in Episode 1, we take requests each week for a classic Poison cover by ole Master Bastard. This week we have guest appearance by Jeem. The Edmonton Compound Manager. After sifting through THOUSANDS of requests this is what we have come up with. Enjoy