MNB Awards Campaign Trail ’13 Part 3 – The Debates

Friends, seen and unseen, as you may know we here at the RNB camp are out on the road spreading the gospel of rawk. As you may also know, we have been nominated for multiple Music NB awards. I know we have been hard at you to vote for us. I want to remind you that voting ends this weekend as the awards are Sunday night.

As you know we have been campaigning hard to prevent the AXES OF EVIL aka The Motorleague from winning. Here is a new campaign video to, yet again, show why a vote for us is so important.


Remember, a vote for Moi, RNB, Karl Gans and Jamie Guitar is a vote for the future.
Please, vote HERE

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Ross Neilsen: Music/MusiqueNB Awards Campaign Trail ’13 Part 2

With only two weeks left in voting for the Music/MusiqueNB Awards, things on the campaign trail are getting vicious. Last week, The Motorleague, released their sensationalized “crime stoppers video” in which they tried to implicate Ross Neilsen in a variety of crimes, including gratuitous selfies!


We, here at the Ross Neilsen Music Camp, feel that it is now more important than ever to educate the voting public on this matter. Here is our Campaign trail video PART 2. and don’t forget to vote for us HERE

And Now a Helpful Video From Ross Neilsen: Music/Musique NB Awards Campaign trail ’13

It’s hard to know who to vote for these days. So many good bands like The Motorleague and all our other fellow nominees for MNB Awards.

If you want your vote to count you need to make an informed decision. We here at the Ross Neilsen Music Camp have decided to make it easier for you by putting together this informed, honest, heartfelt advert for our campaign to win Album of the year, Rock Record of the year, Group Recording of the Year and more at Music/Musique NB week.

You can vote for Ross Neilsen and the Ross Neilsen Band HERE