Killer Tunes Episode 25: 05-21-16

Killer Tunes time warp! This week we return to 1999-2002 wish! The Cellar Pub was a hot spot for tunes back then. This episode is dedicated to all the bands I saw live there and to the amazing cd changer the bar had on the go! Good times. Tunes from St Germain, Jimmy Swift, Grand Theft Bus, Phish, WSP and more…

Killer Tunes 05-21-16 website mp3


Killer Tunes Episode 23: 05-07-16

Welcome! This is the first episode of Killer Tunes recorded on our great plains in Saskatchewan. Still the same ol show though! This week features tunes from Alabama Shakes, Sharon Jones, Robert Randolph, North Mississippi Allstars, The Kinks, Keith Hallett and the World’s Fair radio debut !? and SO. MUCH. MORE. dig it right here or over at the Wolf! 

Killer Tunes 05-07-16 MP3



Killer Tunes Episode 22: 04-30-16

Hey folks,


Latest episode of Killer Tunes is here and happening. This week is all KILLER instrumentals! Tune from Tom Petty, Frank Zappa, Sisters Euclid, Albert Collins and more! Dig it! Don’t forget to visit The Wolf website to stay in touch!

Killer Tunes 04-30-16 mp3


Killer Tunes Episode Nineteen 04-09-16

Folks! Enjoy episode nineteen featuring the music of Jimmy Witherspoon, CSNY, Vaughan Brothers, His Bobness, Sonny Boy and more!


Killer Tunes 04-09-16 MP3


Ross Neilsen Therapy Hour Ep. Three: Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar

Check it out, episode three. This instalment I have a sit down with non other than Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar/Grady fame. We chatted about the Toronto scene he came up in, Songwriting, studio work and more. Always elusive, Gordie was generous with his time. I really enjoyed our chat and only wished I had more time to get through all my questions. This week’s episode features the songs, “Universal Vampire” from Calling All The Youth as well as “Wild Ox Moan” from 500 lbs.

Listen to the podcast HERE. Enjoy!

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