Song a Week Challenge Week 12: I am The Storm

Hey folks,

Here’s another installment of the song-a-week-challenge for you. This week’s tune is called “I am The Storm”. I’ve been wanting to write this tune since Memphis. I met a fellow there in my venue during the blues challenge….he and I had quite a nice chat. Lots in common musically. A few things we didn’t have in common though….he lost his wife, son and father and a few other horrible things that happened to him. His home town was blown away by a tornado. I don’t know if those two things are related but that’s how I put the tune together. All of the words are culled form things he told me in one way or another. Maybe someday when I’m not so damn lazy I’ll post some words. This tune was almost called “The Ballad of Vinnie C.” Not sure why it isn’t as I don’t even like the chorus. Who knows, maybe it’ll get switch up in the future. Anyhow, without further pause….