Song a Week Challenge (week 11): Shine My Soul

Hey all,

well after missing two weeks on this challenge I’m back in the saddle. Before I get into my description of this weeks number I want to encourage you to get over to Tom Savage’s interweb space and check his latest offering. I was in Kingston playing and Tom and I finally got to meet in person after a couple years of bromancing on the internet sharing gig ideas etc. He’s a great dude and has been super helpful to me and after meeting him I’ve realized we’re cut form the same cloth. He’s also out there making it happen and I take my hat off to him. He also has a special guest on his tune this week…hint hint. Get on over there and show him some love.

Ok so I’ve been solo touring in Ontario since I got back from my awesome trip playing in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. This time of year, and this solo trip, is special to me because it marks my anniversary of being a full time, self-employed, muscianeer. I always get nostalgic and sappy when I’m up here because I’m so grateful for my wonderful life full of generous loving people. It’s these peeps that keep me going and make it all possible for me. SO….this weeks song if for y’all. An homage to anyone and everyone who has ever helped out, whether it’s gigs, places to crash, food to eat, advice…WHATEVER…there are so many folks. I’m fortunate to have a wonderful fan base and friends and family that are crazy enough to support me so selflessly. I thank and love y’all. Here’s YOUR tune…”Shine My Soul”.