On Tour: Back in the Saddle Again

Hey all! Well after a few NB shows and a weeks vacay we got back into Ruby this AM to trek to Ontario for a week. Today is a drive day as our first shows are in North Bay.

It took us a while to get moving but after a crappy lunch at the 40 Acre in Grand Falls and a stop at the Edmunston Wal Mart for some supplies we we’re well on our way. It’s hot and sunny now which is a nice contrast to the rainy morning.

We tried our new van coffee maker today. I picked it up in bangor at Mardens for 6.99! Great deal. We velcroed it to the cooler for easy, safe coffee brewing. Turns out it only makes 2 cups and takes about 20mins but the good news is once you hit start you just have to sit and wait! Sure enough, tasty van coffee! We’ll see how long it takes is to get too lazy to use it and revert to shitty gas station coffee!

Anyhow, just wanted to let y’all know we’re back out there so come and get it!