On Tour: All Good Things Go On And On

Well, first I must apologize for my slackness lately. I know I haven’t been posting updates like I should. Don’t worry. When I get home I ll sort through the memories and post some more.

You can always tell the turning point in the tour when it goes from mindless fun touring to hanging on by your finger tips due to severe sleep deprivation, poor food and long hours sitting in the van touring. Most folks we talk too seem to think 9 weeks is a lot or too much for a tour. If you had asked me earlier this week I may have agreed but today I had a great sleep in a comfy hotel so I feel renewed.

Fortunately the last stretch before we made the long trek home was a string of some of our fav venues so that always helps!

The past week was filled with 19 and 12 hour drives and it really beat is down but we made it. We just played our last non maritime show for a few weeks. It was at the acoustic grill in picton. It’s an awesome place filled with good people beer and food! Now we re waiting for the ferry on highway 33 and then we ll be hitting it hard for home.

We re very stoked to be getting home to friends and family. It’s been our best tour ever. Some kick ass shows, a wedding, good hangs with friends, LOTS of BBQ and great food. Just awesome. Just the same though we re excited to rock our last 12 hour drive to get home and relax for 48 hours before getting back to it. The tour might be over for the west but it’s just the beginning for another leg of Eastern shows. Check out the dates and get on out to a show. As for the Western Canada folks – thank you to everyone who helped us make the tour a success. All the folks who let us crash and of course the peeps who keep coming out to the show! Y’all rock. See you in the fall.

And now?

Onward through the night.