Ross Neilsen Band: The Great Bass Player Search (Episode Five)

Hey there everyone.

Here it is. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The finale to our web mini series The Great Bass Player Search. As you enjoy the last episode I want to thank you all for watching, sharing with your friends, and support in general. We head out for a ten week tour Thursday morning. No small feat to fend for ourselves living in a van across this nation but with your help, we abide. Please check the tour dates here and pass em along to your friends in the towns we visit. Looking forward to seeing you again! See ya out there!

Ross Neilsen Band: The Great Bass Player Search (Episode Four)

Hey friends,

It’s hard to think of laughing knowing the great Levon Helm is packing his bags for the great gig in the sky right now but laughing may help SO…..Here is episode four in our great bass player search. There is some pivotal changes in this episode setting up next weeks finale. I hope you enjoy and it lightens you spirits.

Indeed….Where IS the Clown.

Ross Neilsen Band: The Great Bass Player Search (Episode Three)

Ok, friends here it is….Episode three in our mini-series which chronicles how Young Will Pacey got the gig as my new bassist. Check it out….laugh, cry, vomit…SHARE with your friends, or don’t. Whichever you like….

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The Great Bass Player Search (Episode Two)

Here is episode two in our Bass Player Search mini-series. Hope you enjoy.

If you missed episode one it’s right HERE.

Ross Neilsen Band: The Great Bass Player Search (Episode One)

Ever wonder how Young Will Pacey got the job as my new bassist? Tune in each Wednesday over the next five weeks and see the grueling contest Will had to endure to get the job. Tears, laughter, vomit. It’s all in here. In this week’s episode, EPISODE ONE (best said in a star wars voice) the auditions begin. Characters furry, feathered and more came from near and far. Enjoy episode one and don’t forget, each Wednesday for the next five weeks we’ll be telling Will’s story. Tune in. Laugh. Cry. Vomit.