Better Late than Never?

Man. I feel like I’ve been such a slacker and that I’ve neglected y’all in Blog world. Well I have been a lil busy so it’s not like nothings been going on….

We just finished a quickie with Ontario and then did our annual three night run in St. Andrews NB at The Red Herring. We have a long history with the folks who own that bar and it’s always like going home. This past weekend was no exception. We had a killer time and the crowds were awesome. Big ups to everyone who came out on the Sunday. What a freakin’ time!

Since I’m still homeless I’ve been hanging the past week at the family camp at Davidson Lake. It’s been awesome but there is no internet so I gotta come to the city to work. Oh well pros n cons I guess. I Just finished a radio bit with Matt Rainnie at CBC in Charlottetown that will air today. We’re promoting the Cd release show that happens Saturday at The Alibi in Charlottetown. We’re stoked to get back to the island and rock a new joint! Show starts at 9.30pm and the cover is $10. Tell a friend!

Ok, so I FINALLY edited up some more footage of our west coast tour video. This is a little compilation of our time at the amazing Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet BC. We get to see some beautiful places and this joint was right near the top. Imagine The Bastards staying at a world class resort! We were beside ourselves. This is definitely the nicest place we’ve ever stayed. I’m editing some video of the other end of the accommodation spectrum now so I hope to have that done in a week or so! Enjoy this video and remember if you are viewing on Facebook visit as the video’s don’t play so well. Also the video is from my crappy camera so it’s poor quality but hey, it’s all I got!

I hope y’all are well and enjoying summer! Rock ya soon,