Hey folks!

wel if you’ve been online past day or two and are a friend of mine on FB or a follower on twitter (@rossneilsen) you know I’m smack dab in the middle of an online voting thingymabobbler. It’s true. Here’s the deets:

Harvest Jazz & Blues is having a contest (ick) to pick an artist to represent them at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, this January. 50% of the voting is done online right HERE and the other 50% will be old school….real live judges at the actual performance. The Live portion of the contest is held this Saturday at the Barracks Tent in downtown Fredericton from 2-4pm. There are three other acts on the bill.

Everyone knows music contests suck BUT….the fact of the matter is, that it’s a great opportunity. The worlds leading Blues-ies will be in Memphis for this and I’d like to go back and hob nob with some buyers, agents etc. What’s that? Back you say? Yes, that’s correct. You may recall a young whippersnapper by the name of Matt Andersen who won the 2010 solo/duo category. At that time, the Bastards and I were in Memphis competing in the band category. We got to watch Matty destroy Memphis with his skills! It was a blast. Then we ate ribs! Mmmmm ribs!

Anyhow, I was honoured Harvest asked me to throw my skills in their contest and I’m not going to lie, I want this one folks. I have some pals in Memphis and Mizzip that I’d like to see and I wouldn’t mind playing some blues on Beale St again thats for sure!

So if you dig what I do, head on over to and give ole needy Rossco a vote would ya?? If you DON’T dig what I do, I’m not sure why yer reading this but it’s your chance to foil me….head on over to the link and vote, just be careful you don’t accidentally vote for moi!!!!

Thanks a lot for the support folks. I know y’all don’t mind supporting but it is hard to constantly ask and it sure does warm that big empty hole in my chest where my heart might live.

I’m gonna leave y’all with a video that has a nice double connection. The tune is “Back to Memphis”. It’s a Chuck Berry tune. This version is by The Band with Levon Helm on vocals. You may or may not know Levon and his band will be in Fredericton at The Bud light tent on Thursday night. Yours truly will be opening the night with a solo set!

Hope to see y’all Saturday at The Barracks fro 2-4pm for the Blues Showdown of the year!!!!

High five!